A Bit Of Vegas

From a rainy day on the East Coast, I’m bringing you a touch of Vegas.

I didn’t do any music over the noise but I tried my best to cut out the parts with the screaming child* because, as everyone knows, Vegas is the BEST place to bring children. (Was that too heavy on the sarcasm?)

Mute it if you can.

Happy Friday!

*It’s still there, so try to imagine how it was before I cut out the really loud parts.

Three Days – The Last Is Not Always The Best

While remembering all of the fun that I had on Day One, including a thrilling two-color nail stamp…

On the third day, I got sick.

I’m not sure if it was an errant germ from my Wednesday (Day T-1) excursion to the casino

Wheeee! Penny machine winnings!

or the ancient dust from that desk but I started sneezing at the end of Day Two.

After a night of barely any sleep – one stretch of “AWAKE” had me up from 2:30am until 4:30am – and a tissue count of over 24*, I’d decided that I wasn’t going to attempt to head back to Dad’s, for another dust-filled day.

I bugged out of the hotel and high-tailed it home, never stopping at the usual “Last Starbucks before the NY bridges” or picking up anything for dinner.

Wes was thrilled to see me

I know he was just keeping himself warm but I can pretend he missed me.

But his response to “Can’t you make me some chicken soup?” was not a surprise.

So I cleared up my car

Sometimes even tissues can be pretty...look, but don't touch 'em

and that brings us full circle to

It's always been you, Joe.


*I’m very surprised that no one complained about the “fog horn” of my all-night-long, constant nose blowing.

Half Century

On Monday, Tom came home from his 10-day work trip.  I should have put air quotes around work because he has a great time working and he also got in four rounds of golf.

Say it with me.

“Awwwwww. Poor Tom.”

OK.  So when he got home, I was hungry and – since I hadn’t cooked for almost two weeks – wanted to go out to eat.

“Let’s go to the Sands Casino.  They have a Carnegie Deli!”

The casino is the former site of Bethlehem Steel.

They have sandwiches bigger than your head!

So we ate and decided to play the slots for an hour.  We played some quarter machines and then went for the FUN stuff – the penny machines.

You know how that goes, right?  Play 30 cents and win 25…laugh.  Play another 30 cents and win 500…laugh.  We were trying to top each other’s wins.  I had made the high win with 800 ($8) and then Tom had to go ahead and top that with this…

The machine started to make all kinds of noise and just didn’t stop.  Tom kept looking around and had no idea what he had done.  I said “You won 101,512 cents!” and we laughed and kept saying “That’s $100!!” and were thrilled.

Oh, stop laughing.  We were caught up in the fun.

Two women were walking by and told him that his win was great.  He said to them, “I know!  It’s $100!” and they informed us that it wasn’t $100.  It was $1,000.

DUH!  Yes.  It was a $1,015.12 win on a 30 cent bet.  It was the highest that he’s ever won, be it a penny machine or a dollar machine, and he was beyond excited.

Still floating on that penny machine high, we left to go and drop his car off for service. We had left my car at B&N and he was going to drop me and go to Toyota.  I was going to order some dinner from the steak place and then go and pick him up.

Sounds easy, right?

If we hadn’t still been laughing, we might have realized that I had left my car keys in his glove compartment as he drove off for Toyota.


Tuesday was my birthday and I was feeling fine until someone said “You’re a half century old!”.

I would have kicked them but suddenly my sciatica was acting up and I couldn’t lift my leg high enough.


At least there was cake!

At 12:15, there was cake.
2.5 seconds later, there was a lot less cake

Thanks A Slot

Why is it so hard to start a post?

….hmmm….duhhhhhh….ooh, pretty bird….am I hungry?…my nose is cold…

Monday & Tuesday, I took a trip with Sandy to the casino.  Tom drove up after work and we had a blast playing the penny machines.  How can someone not have fun when it takes about 5 minutes for the machine to ring up this “big” win?

Wednesday, we made the trip to my Dad’s and got stuck on – I said ON – the George Washington Bridge for two hours. They shut it down because of an accident AND a spill (two drums of antifreeze).  Our 3.5 hour ride turned into 5.5 hours.  Next time we’ll think twice before chugging a 20-ounce latte during the trip.

Shortest visit ever.

We had barely gotten there before we had to start the trip back to beat rush hour – which, if you’ve ever driven thru NY, you know that EVERY hour is rush hour.

I brought home an aloe plant that, somehow, survived being ignored for over a year.  It wasn’t in any soil but it wasn’t paper thin.

I hope I don’t kill it with kindness.

Thursday was bowling and I kicked some alley butt with scores of 201-165-193 for a 569 series. I have a lot of work to do if I’m ever to get a 600 but the past two weeks have been hopeful.

When I got home I found the package from Shan.  Whoo hoo!

Wes has an appreciation for a hand-woven shawl.

Only 40 Minutes Away

Another brief trip, sponsored by Sandy and her “I’ve got a suite, wanna go?” attitude.

(Early apologies.  All photo’s are with my iPhone and it was dark in the casino.)
slotsTom even dropped by for a little gambling and then dinner at the lovely, if a bit dark, steak house.  Thank goodness we decided to share the prime rib dinner because, no lie, it was as big as my thigh.  We both ate and Sandy had a slice and then Tom took home the other half.  It was HUGE!

This morning I didn’t think I’d want to play the slots but I knew that Sandy wanted to hang around, have lunch and then drive home.  (See above)

Let me tell you…those penny slots?  You’d think they were boring but I had so much fun playing that the people around me must have thought I was crazy. I was playing 2 credits for 9 lines which translates into my playing 18 cents a pull!!!

I laughed every time I hit a Spin Bonus – if you hit 3 of them on a pull, the machine gives you 12 free spins – and I was thrilled when I won 358 credits.  It was just too funny that they were pennies. In the time that I sat there, I had 5 Spin Bonus hits. I didn’t get a photo of the last win – I had a Spin Bonus and won another Spin Bonus while it was doing the free spins!

Next time we go, I’m going to hit up those Penny slots a lot sooner.  More laughing is always a good thing.