Sunday Sidetracked 

*ramblings from my brain*

9:30: Check mail, weather, InstaGram, Twitter, Scramble With Friends, Vegas Slots, Breaking News, on my phone.

Out of bed, to shower. Opened drawer for sweatpants & found some yoga pants. Size Small? Oh, these don’t fit me. Why do I have them if they don’t fit? I try them on and they DO fit! Guess I’ve lost more weight than I thought. I pull out 4 pair of sweats that I have never worn/will never wear again, and put them in Donate bag.

Make my way into the bathroom and turn on the tub for the cat. Go to take my pills…pillboxes* are empty. Start the refilling ceremony.


*His & Hers. Day pills & night pills.

Weather app says it feels like 27°. Wonder if he’s golfing or if there’s a frost delay. Check his location on the course. Send him a text.

I turn off the cat’s water, walk downstairs to give him wet and dry food.

Come back upstairs…rug looks furry…think I’ll vacuum.


Vacuum hallway, yarn room, office, bedroom, bathroom.

What time is it? 11?

Sneaks another look at Eagle Cam

Snaps screen shot

Image courtesy of Pennsylvania Game Commission, HDOnTap and Comcast Business

Ponder skipping shower

Type up draft blog post.

Get in shower

Can’t imagine why I’m hungry…

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