Obsessive WordPress Theme Changing.

It’s a thing, right?


Polishing your nails before the laundry is out of the dryer

Starting the dishwasher and then deciding you want to shower

Buying a tray of plants and after getting them home, realizing you have 1 cup of potting soil left

Trying out a new “self tanner” just before vacation and having streaky, dirty looking legs


4 thoughts on “Observations

  1. You had me til self tanner…. I thought we agreed to be the pasty (not pastry as I first typed) girls for life? You cheats? LOL Share the vacay pics…!

  2. I have never self tanned, we’re pretty sun shy here. I do tend to be a bit gung ho though and start things before I’ve checked, so there may have been nail polish incidents!!

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