I Need An Assistant

You may wonder why I still haven’t posted pix of my Stitches haul or the goings on in my garden.

Soon you’ll be able to add “Why haven’t you posted any photographs from Vegas?”.

I will say this…

Today while pre-packing,  Don’t tell me that you don’t pre-pack. If you try, I won’t believe you. I found a bag in my suitcase. It turned out to be 4 skeins of yarn. Four MORE skeins of yarn than I’d previously unpacked and stuffed into a large box.

Unless I’ve found a way for yarn to spontaneously appear, I really do need a good assistant.

If it’s a magic suitcase, I hope it works the same for slot machine winnings.


I also found a Panera, orange-iced scone, from the Stitches trip. It was still in the Panera bag and – thank heavens – I had put it into a freezer Ziploc bag. The bag was green and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

4 thoughts on “I Need An Assistant

  1. I think we all need personal assistants to take care of the minutia of life for us. That scone must have been very far gone, but I love that your lack of assistant led to the discovery of wool!! It’s an ill wind…..

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