Block Party

I don’t hate blocking my finished knits but I have a bag full of unblocked shawls.

Let’s call it Blockophobia.

Lucky for me, Tom helped wire and pin the Trillian Shawl
that I made. It’s a gift for someone who works at the host hotel for Stitches South. I goofed and made it with stockinette, instead of garter stitch…and I love it. It’s so soft and as light as air.

The yarn is Miss Babs, Yowza- Whatta Skein! in Sky Angels colorway.

Blocking Mis En Place. Boards, wires, pins, Soak wool wash in Aquae, and the shawl.


A little soak


A few pins and wires


A second blocking board, more pins and wires


And, just because everything was out, I decided to block my Featherweight Cardigan which I finished in 2011. What’s the rush?

Tom couldn’t help with the whole blocking but he was there through a lot of the wiring.

That is also Miss Babs. The yarn is Yet, in the Vlad’s colorway. I really love that name.


So many pins!

It was blocked a bit severely and I have to work out the “ridges” along the sleeves.

The only trouble with blocking two items in two days? Ask my Chiropractor. I could hardly move and think I’ll space the rest of them out a bit more.

Will I see you at Stitches South?


2 thoughts on “Block Party

  1. I HATE blocking. The one part of knitting I can’t abide.

    Will you see me at Stitches? Dur-hay!

  2. Sometimes, I don’t block. In fact no-one I knew ever blocked until after the internet. Fancy only having a smidgen to do and then you’ll have a cardi!! I have green tubs like that!!!

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