Eleven Days Ago

We were involved in a bad car accident. No accident is good but we’re lucky we didn’t take my car when we headed to Long Island.

ImageYou can hardly see me but I’m in the passenger seat, holding my ribs and trying to breath. This was the front of Tom’s car.

ImageAnd the back end. We wondered how the tailgate was still attached.


The person hit us low and hard.

ImageThis was the front of her car, which should tell you she wasn’t slowing down for traffic.

I saw her in the side view mirror about 2 seconds before she hit us. After that it was just boom, boom, airbags, dust, boom. (Her hitting us, us hitting trailer in front of us, us hitting the cement divider after getting tossed upwards and then sliding sideways.)


The ambulance took us away and we spent about 3 1/2 hours in an Emergency Room.

X-rays and tetanus shot for him. Blood test, IV and CT scan for me.

All in all, we left the house at 8:30am and returned at 8:45pm and never got more than 2 hours from our home. Wes yelled at us for being away so long…he had no idea that he was just lucky we came home.

I’ve got bruised ribs and a possible fractured vertebrae (still waiting for results of a second CT scan) and Tom has a cut finger (?) and a possible concussion.

We’re lucky to be alive and for that I am very thankful.

Not the best bedtime story but it has a good ending, no?

And, to all a good night.

4 thoughts on “Eleven Days Ago

  1. L-Had I seen all of these pics at one go earlier, I’d have been hopping up and down with anxiety. I’m just going offline to scream under my pillow now. Glad you’re both OK.

  2. hello laurie its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is no gud no gud at all!!! dada always hayted driving on lawn guyland and now i see why!!! i am glad it wuz not wurse!!! ok bye

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