Weed Me A Story

You know I dig the digging and it’s been a while since I’ve posted a video so this is just a few photos of the garden.

Tom has tried to weed and he did clear three beds, so I could do a little planting but it was just too much. We finally got a hold of – as Tom’s Aunt would call them – The Guys. (You know, as in…electrical problem? Call The Guy!) Tom plays golf with a lawn guy.

They showed up today and six of them descended like locusts.

It was Gone In 90 Minutes*

I realized that the garden symbolizes how my brain has been since my Mom was diagnosed with Cancer. Their house is being listed this week and a lot of the stress has eased, although the anxiety still lingers.

There’s always more weeding to be done but at least the beds are clear!

*Starring Nic Cage

2 thoughts on “Weed Me A Story

  1. Hooley dooley they are good Guys!! Sometimes outsourcing is a good thing. Now you can do the parts of gardening you enjoy.

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