Rainbow of Colors

By the time you read this, I’ll have already gotten up before 4am, hopped on a plane and landed in Georgia, with Jane in tow. I’ll be semi-zonked out on Dramamine and a LOVELY companion for the day. We arrive so early that the only thing for us to do will be to wander around a mall until our hotel room is ready.

Thank goodness the mall has a Starbucks. (Rox knows that Glory needs her mocha.)

Now, on to the conclusion of my hair saga…

Not exactly a rainbow but I couldn’t let that blonde stay.

One before and three after.

I kept the blue on for 6 hours and it still was a light shade of turquoise – see the tiny spot at the part, in the bottom right picture? – so then I slapped on more After Midnight Blue and…oh, what the hell…put some Vampire Red on there, too. (All Manic Panic colors)

I ended up with a cool purple, blue and red. You can’t really see the red – bottom left – because most of it is under the top layer of hair.

It’s subtle, indoors but I’m sure it’ll be more intense in the sunlight.

See? Just a hint of color.

So, this is the hair that’s going to Stitches South. Hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Rainbow of Colors

  1. Very cool!! My friends at knitting has hair wodges that are vibrantly coloured too!! I love the colours all together, well done.
    Hope you have your coffee and are recovered from the flight!!

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