Three Days – Day Two

And so continues the saga…

I forgot to include one of yesterday’s stops – and it was a really important one!


A visit to The Bakery, in Commack. I bought so much stuff that I had to leave some of it in my car, because I knew I’d just have to take it back out when I left.

Up and out, with a quick trip to Targhay (Target, for those not familiar with the fancy name) for essentials.

When staying in a hotel that’s clean and not creepy but not four star, one of the essentials is having your own tissues. If you’re one of those people that never needs tissues – unheard of – or someone that likes blowing your nose or wiping your eyes with sandpaper, then you’re good to go.

Kleenex box thru a fisheye lens

Popped over to Dad’s, “suited up”

Ain't she purty?

and set to work.

Here’s the before and after, which took me approximately 3.5 hours to clear. (Rox – look away!)

I had already removed a huge box of papers, before snapping the picture.

This is a beautiful typewriter desk that my Dad made for my Mom. The large door at the top swings and there’s a sliding platform inside.

I’m amazed at all of the pieces that my Dad made. I was living there when he made them but still, it breaks my heart that most of them will have to go somewhere other than my house or my brother’s.

With Mom’s words of “Check everything” echoing in my head, I only managed to clear out those little drawers along the top. I’d say that 95% went into the garbage – tons of dog pedigrees, recipes cut from the newspaper, etc. – but there were a few things for me to hang on to.

See ya, tomorrow, for the stunning conclusion!

Who's that gal, wearing the "Mom made this" top? I think there were bell bottom pants, to match!

3 thoughts on “Three Days – Day Two

  1. Very nice cakes!! I think you need them to keep your energy up. You look very CSI in your mask. And very cute photo of the tie-dye top!! Your dad is very talented I like the tissues with aloe vera in them. They are very nice on the nose.

  2. Oh cookies, I want to marry you. Sigh.

    Dear gawd….the desk, the desk. The ‘after’ photo is quite awesome though. Good work!

  3. If you AREN’T wearing bell-bottoms in that class photo, it will go down as one of Life’s Greatest Missed Opportunities.

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