Three Days – Day One

Since I’m laying around the house in (one of) my favorite hoodies

It's an oldie but a goodie (hoodie). Hah!

I thought I’d do an update on the last few days. I’m splitting them up because, in my minimum brain space, I can’t take in too much in one post. Of course, I love to comment on every little thing and then feel like I’m babbling…kind of like right now.


I made the trek out to Dad’s, figuring I’d get a good two days worth of cleaning done.

The first day – travel day – is always earmarked for banking, dropping papers at the lawyers, soaking in the areas that I miss. A quick trip to the mall and I hit the Apple store to get an Olloclip for my phone – OMG, if you like taking pictures with your iPhone4, you NEED one of these*!! I also found out that there’s a Starbucks in the mall – SWOON! – and the scent of coffee had me floating in. Lately, when I’m out there by myself, I drink tea and don’t bother getting my daily mocha. I’m so glad I went because I haven’t had a mocha that good in a loooong time. Once again, I pondered how a drink with specific measurements can come out so different, so many times.

I grabbed some dinner at Boston Market (yeah, I always take stuff back to the hotel), which is directly across the street from the bowling alley where Mom & Dad played in 3 leagues.

After lugging everything into the hotel, I settled in and played a bit with the Konad Stamping Nail Art kit, which I bought about two months ago. For someone that hardly every polishes her nails, I LOVE nail polish and had a blast with this.

I did a really crappy polish job, before I left home, figuring it would get ruined with the cleaning.

Photo taken with macro Olloclip lens

The funny thing is that my nails are so tiny that some of the stamps are too big and I was able to stamp two nails, with one design. I played around and used four of the designs. People say you need to practice with it but I didn’t have any trouble – the small nails could be why. My only problem was I forgot to bring polish remover, so I couldn’t clean the design plates to re-use them. This is pretty addicting!

To Be Continued…

*Just some extra Olloclip pix. I adore these.

The teeny "blow hole" on the lid of my cup. Macro lens. Looks like gold, doesn't it?
Macro lens view of pocket change

4 thoughts on “Three Days – Day One

  1. I never paint my nails because I chip it within a nanosecond. They are beautiful and little nails are a bonus!! That was a lucky Starbucks find!!!
    Great photos.

  2. Lurve the nail art! And the macro too. Once again, my phone looks at me shamefully.

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