Another Month…

Where did January go? Here’s a quick round-up:

Dad – Still not settled anywhere but has had multiple trips to the hospital. His mental state has declined and he is now a “problem child”. This limits which places might consider accepting him. We’re visiting him when we can but he’s farther West from his house, and visiting hours are very limited. Visits are not a happy time.

SIL – She’s still hanging in and is surprisingly “sharp”, considering all of the pain medications she is on. She’s stubborn (in this case, it’s a good thing) and my brother is with her almost 16 hours a day keeping her company, helping to feed and turn her. I’m pretty sure he’s keeping her going, since the hospice care doesn’t seem as wonderful as the place my Mom had been. The hospital she is in is much farther East on the Island so a trip to visit her isn’t the same trip that we can see my Dad.

Today is the one month anniversary of their wedding!

Wes – He’s great and thanks you for asking.


Dad’s house – Doing the best we can, seeing as it’s only me and Tom (with an occasional hand from a friend) trying to clear a whole house. As near as I can figure, it takes at least a week to do a room – the basement is a whole different ballgame. Taking into account that we can’t stay in the house and I don’t drive at night, that means only about 6 hours a day for working there (when I’m there by myself). Hotel bills are gonna be huge and we can’t really spend more than a day or two at a time, because of Tom’s work, chiropractor and doctor appointments. The lawyer’s office keeps asking if we’ve put it on the market yet. That kills me.

Garden – I have catalogs but still no room in our garage for seed-starting. Anything that I may want from Dad’s is living in my garage.

Knitting – I’m still knitting and, right now I’m working with some friends on a Super Secret Knitting Project. (OOOH! Cryptic!)

That’s about all. I don’t spend a lot of time on my computer but I’m always doing stuff on my phone. Twitter, G+, Instagram, texting,Email. I’d love to hear from people other than thru the blog…since I’m really slacking in that department. I don’t Facebook.

Here’s my take – and I’m stealing the quote from someone else so I’m probably messing it up:

“I want the message, just not the medium.”

I think about my blog a lot but there’s really nothing new going on. Like I said last time, I’ll try to be better about posting but…gah…

6 thoughts on “Another Month…

  1. …and so it goes. I don’t do those other mediums, but I do have stitches south inked on my calendar (and you have my email address 🙂 …I’d love to think things can only get better, right?! hang in there!!

  2. I am sad to read that life is still being difficult, although there are some happy spots to brighten your days. I don’t really do anything other than blogging and email, I’m pretty much a Luddite with too much to say for 140 characters!!! My blog comments are longer than that. Wes is looking great from any angle!! Take care, Spring is coming and things always look better in the sunshine.

  3. Oh, girl, I am so, so sorry for all this going on around you. You know I feel your pain and am sending you all the love and strength I can.

  4. Oh, dear. You are under so much pressure right now. I hope your secret knitting is bringing you some respite from all the difficulties you’re facing right now. I send you lots of cyber hugs from the West Coast!

  5. Life’s trials are never ending. Piece by piece, you’ll get thru it. Um secret knitting project huh? You’ve piqued my interest. 🙂 Huge hugs always!

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