I love my blow dryer. It’s got a retractable cord and then it folds in half, for easy storage.

Scratch that. It HAD a retractable cord. The button broke and Tom fixed it with a little duct tape – 1002 uses.

Now it’s really feeling it’s age and the cord no longer retracts. Every day I dry my hair and every night Tom fights with that duct taped button and gets the cord back in.

Lately, I feel a lot like that hair dryer. I come unravelled and Tom tries to put me back together. I just hope he doesn’t put duct tape on my head.

4 thoughts on “Unravelled

  1. Lorelai Gilmore thinks they are the devil’s work and won;t come near me if I even look like thinking of touching it, let alone turning it on. It’s nice you have someone who can duct tape you when you need it. In the nicest possible way!!

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