Packing It In

If I didn’t have to have so much food when I travel by myself, I could have carried it without the cart*.

Two coolers…TWO! Yes, I may have spent $80 at the Cheesecake Factory but it was enough food/cake to last me two days, plus dinner & dessert with Tom and there’s STILL cake left. A comfy hand-knit sweater – this came in handy when the air conditioner kept coming on – my laptop and knitting. Oh, there was also the smallest suitcase I have.

Can you imagine how I pack when I actually travel for fun?

*Those valet carts are the BEST**!!

**I need to travel more.

2 thoughts on “Packing It In

  1. Oh. that cart looks like it would be fun to be pushed along on- whilst knitting and eating cheesecake!! When we were little we would swing round and round on the clothesline if no-one was looking!!

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