I Am Not Alone

With all of the stress that I’ve been going thru, I know I’m not alone.

I’ve got Tom and he’s been my rock. Sometimes I think he says things just to keep my “crazy” away but still…a rock.

I’ve got Twitter friends, G+ friends, blog friends, IRL friends, crossover friends. Friends that I text every day, some that I see in video chats, some that email but I know they’re out there.

With all of those people, I’m still sitting by myself in a hotel room (with a fridge full of Cheesecake Factory cake)  and trying to come up with a blog post. I took a “thermal” photo, using Photo Booth and see that I’m NOT alone.

And I’m going to think of that glowing spot over my right shoulder*…as my Mom.

I’m not sharing my Cheesecake Factory cake with her, tho.


*Yes, it’s my right shoulder but the camera flipped it.

5 thoughts on “I Am Not Alone

  1. I’d be afraid to take thermal photo “alone in a hotel room”. glad it’s your mom over your shoulder (and agree, she’s going to let you eat the cheesecake!)

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