Tater Toppers

Why do restaurants always give the cold shoulder to take-out orders?

The smallest baked potatoes, half as many dinner rolls, the salad with lettuce that’s just about ready to be tossed. Not to mention (but I will) giving a hot dessert with ice cream on it, instead of keeping the ice cream in a separate container so it’s not soup by the time you get home.

Tonight’s winner? Tom ordered a sweet potato with brown sugar & cinnamon.

The place doesn’t put the butter on the potato but they put it in the same container, which
means it’s liquid when it gets to the house. Even that is ok…I mean, we have butter in the fridge.

However, here are the cinnamon & brown sugar…


Well, at least the brown sugar.

At some point, you’re afraid to give explicit instructions when ordering over the phone.

We’ve all heard the horror stories. Don’t make me go into it.

One thought on “Tater Toppers

  1. Oh dear, that’s very poor. I think you have a lot more take away than we do here. There are hot potatoes, but they usually have curry or coleslaw or baked beans on top. I hope you have extra cinnamon at home!!!

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