Mislead Monday

Monday is Knitting With Jane Day. Lately we’ve gotten NO knitting done but have continued to meet, even though she’s moved farther away.

On my drive to meet her, I was almost run over, twice. People don’t seem to think anyone else is on the road and they have no problem with thinking “Oh, that’s my exit!” and ramming their car to the right. When you’re the car in their way, their passengers always like to give YOU a dirty look as you lay on your horn.

Mind you, I didn’t flip anyone off but there was a lot of lip movement on my part.

Jane always parks her car and I drive to where ever we may be going. We did the usual Panera breakfast and then headed to Sephora the Mall. After a bit of coupon usage, we went to lunch. After lunch, I got back on the road and proceeded to drive home.

It’s a shame that Jane was still in my car and we had already passed the turnoff for the Mall. There was a bit of “How will I get my car?” laughter “I thought maybe you had some sort of short-cut” more laughter “I guess I should have spoken up sooner.”.

At one point I told her that she’d just have to come back to my house and what was the big deal?

I managed to turn us around and get her back to her car.

Today’s lesson? When life hands you lemons, make an Arnold Palmer!

One thought on “Mislead Monday

  1. My life is full of little episodes like that, especially when I changed schools or moved house. But sometimes I just forget where I meant to go and tootle off somewhere else!! That a nice thing: Knitting with Jane!! (I’m assuming she’s not Jane Day!!) I shall have to google an Arnold Palmer.

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