Eight on the 9th

This catalog was here to greet me when we got back from NY and it makes me so happy I want to order* almost everything in it!

If you know me, you know that I don’t like many scented products. If they’re too flowery or fake smelling, they give me a headache and sometimes trigger my asthma. Tom also hates a lot of scents, for the same reasons. Many a scented product have been banished to the garage.

I’ll wait while some of you make jokes about us not having much scents (sense). Maybe I won’t even show you the catalog.

Now I’m in a snit.

OK. I’m over it. Here’s one of the coolest catalogs, so far.


Catalog Count – Eight


*Honestly, I’ve never ordered from them and I don’t even know if I like ANY of it…but they’re so PRETTY!



3 thoughts on “Eight on the 9th

  1. Shannon introduced me to Indigo Wild. I’ve never been able to buy anything from them, but everything looks terrific.

  2. OH, it is very pretty. Some perfumes make me, and The Labradors, sneeze too. I’m not a perfume person really. I just hope I don’t smell, you know, the bad way!!!

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