Best Spam Comment

Every blog gets them. Most bloggers delete them, without reading them.

Marin did a post about one, a few weeks ago.

This is one of the best, of my recent:

“Definitely I like your web-site, nonetheless you’ve got to take a appear at the spelling on quit a few of you’re posts. Several of them are, riffe with spelling issues and I uncover it really troublesome to inform you. Nonetheless I’ll certainly come back again!”

Maybe I can go to their blog and talk about their grammEr/PUNKtuation/SpeLLLing?

Gratuitous Cat Photo (take THAT, spelling monkey)

4 thoughts on “Best Spam Comment

  1. I clicked through and enjoyed Marin’s. So funny. But I love yours. What fabulous irony!! Yes, a cat on the blog is worth two spelling mistakes in the spam!!

  2. Hilayrius! … Thanks for giving me a good laugh. I’ll have to start reading my spam if it’s that entertaining!

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