Am I Blue?

This week, I embarked on getting a blue streak in my hair. I’ve cursed enough of them so how hard could it be?

I asked my stylist (Jamie) if she had time to bleach out a streak, so I could go home and color it. J bleached it out and then her assistant wanted to put in the color. Sure, why not? That’d save me the trouble, right? After 3.5 hours, I had this

To me, this is not blue. It's more a a grayish-turquoise. Not happy. I've already sectioned it off to apply some Manic Panic in After Midnight Blue

So I had Tom help me slop on the Manic Panic and I left it on for 3 hours. Then I had this

Darker turquoise and I was feeling a bit like Marge Simpson.

I took this color to bowling and the only one that commented was Sandy. She said “Ewww!” and gave a “there’s a spider on my head” shiver.

Then I broke up the day by ripping off the handle on our Forever storm door.


Today, I decided to give it one more shot and sectioned & slathered, again.

Then I spent about 6 hours updating my Shoppe (check it out…tell your friends!) – during which time I forgot I had the stuff on my hair.

Mom? Why haven't you rinsed out your hair? Why is my food dish empty?
S U C C E S S!!

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make me happy. This happy only took me four days.

3 thoughts on “Am I Blue?

  1. Who knew your super powers could conquer a Forever door?? Wow!! The accidental blue is fabulous!!! Thank goodness you have kitten help.

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