If You Post It

the sunshine will come.

There’s still Dad stress going on – financial, legal, mental, physical. People are telling me it’s a good thing – the current events – but I’m not a “broad picture” kinda gal. I’m an “every nitpicking detail” kinda gal. Mainly because I’m the one that has to handle the details and it’s not making me the life of the party.

If there was a party, I’d be hiding in the corner…behind the palm tree.


4 thoughts on “If You Post It

  1. If I could hide in the corner behind the palm tree with you, I would. I know exactly how it feels to be the one who must pick the nits – I empathise and send you cross-country hugs. Hang in there – you are one very special person!

  2. If you look after all the small things, the big things should look after themselves. I’d be in the corner at parties too. Hope the Sun is shining on you this week!!

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