The Harvest

…before the storm.

I can’t believe I had to go out into the frenzy of people, shopping like they’re not going to see daylight for a month, just to get wine to make dinner.

And now it’s time to cook some Tori – as in Cacciatore – Laurie.

4 thoughts on “The Harvest

  1. feels very much that way here when they forecast snow. but I think this time, you’re smart to pay attention – Irene looks just plain mean!!

  2. p.s. the harvest looks lovely and I have a bag of yellow squash in my fridge…suggestions on how to prepare (for a husband who is beyond the acceptable bounds of picky)?

  3. Well, wine is a very important thing!! I hope you are safe from Irene. Thank goodness I don; have to cook things that rhyme with my name, I would starve. Nice ingredients!

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