Dear Diary

Short Version:

It has been a week since our central air conditioning went bye-bye.

Sleep is a distant memory. Cold showers have become our friend.

I can only hope that someone is still out there, tho I fear we are all alone.


Long Version:

Friday, we had bad storms. Just before they began, I heard a power strip “BEEP BEEP”, followed by some knocking. No one was at our front door.

By Sunday night, I realized it was getting warmer in our den. We turned the a/c down and it got warmer. Ruh-roh.

Tom went and checked the breaker box and saw the a/c had tripped. He put it back on and it tripped again. Double ruh-roh.

He then called our Home Shield (HS) company, only to get a recording that their systems weren’t working and, unless it was an emergency situation we should call back Wednesday morning. Triple freaking ruh-roh.

I figured that we had electricity and we shouldn’t complain. Sure, when we left our slider open for a cool night breeze, I started wheezing and coughing but still…

The HVAC company that we have a contract with…they’ve split from the HS. Still, they sent someone out to tell us that our outside unit had died. We could use them but would have to pay full price. Since we’ve paid HS for 11 years, we thought we’d see what our payments have been going towards.

Tuesday, Tom called again and then we found out that we are considered an “emergency” situation, with our .allergies and asthma. However, the idiot HS (now IHS) subcontracts to idiots.

The subcon came out on Tuesday. He gave paperwork to his idiot boss (IB) on Wed morning – too bad IB had training that day and our paperwork was ignored.

Thursday, we tried to call IB, only to find that he had left at 1pm. Office Manager said no paperwork was left on his desk and he was the only one that could take care of it.

After much yelling and screaming on the phone, thru numerous calls, we think that someone is coming out today. If he hadn’t been calling back and forth between IHS and IB, nothing would have gotten done until next week. Of this I am sure.

Thru this, I’ve been busy having hot flashes – tho a friend pointed out that, really, how could I tell for sure? – and haven’t been able to knit or work on stitch markers.

I’ve waited at home, having to turn down offers by WONDERFUL friends to come and sit in their cool, air-conditioned houses, while waiting for the phone call that never came.

I’m fully convinced that it’s possible to have heat stroke in your own home (not that I didn’t believe the stories during heat waves). Tom has also had a RAGING case of poison ivy and the large amounts of sweat are not helping him heal.

I’m crankier and bitchier than normal. Yes. It’s true!

I’m fully expecting them to show up with the wrong part.


Added: Isn’t it amusing that WP is telling me that this is my 911th post?

3 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. After hurricane Charley we didn’t have power for 8 days. I will never take AC for granted again. Hope you get help soon.

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