You’re Gonna Be Jealous…

of what we did, Saturday morning.


I was a bit off in the time it takes for it to heat up. Usually Tom switches over to hot water for the last half hour of filling.  Unfortunately, he went out and came home just in time for us to shut it off. ALL cold water means about 2 days to “warm enough to sleep on”.

Last night we covered it with the mattress pad, sheets, down comforter, cotton blanket and fleece blanket. Then us. Then we used another cotton blanket and fleece blanket, just to keep in some body heat.

I’m pretty sure it was a lot like sleeping in one of those ice hotels, only no one was pouring us vodka.

3 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Be Jealous…

  1. ha! honestly not so jealous. I think I’m too uptight to enjoy a waterbed. but I know folks who have them love them. and I’m sure you will live happily ever after 🙂

  2. I gasped aloud when you ‘squooshied down’, it ripples so nicely!! I supposed a cold water bed would be cool in Summer?? It looks very exciting!!

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