My Chiropractor Gets It


She’s experimenting with taping my neck/back, to try to help stabilize (or something) my displaced vertebrae. It may still hurt but at least I look cool.

3 thoughts on “My Chiropractor Gets It

  1. Hello Laurie, Hope you are feeling better?
    I was wondering if you could help me. I have a new KZAK machine, and I am really struggling to get going. I am in Australia and I dont think there are many here, so no teachers, crank ins etc ect. I really need to figure out how to mark the # on my machine. I have a 72 and 84 machine and know to use nail polish, but how do you mark off the number of needles to be involved in heels and toes? Also if you get the chance to reply can you answer if you are able to make socks without using hte ribber? I just cannot seem to stop mine from jamming, depsite trying for hours, rewatching the DVD etc etc!
    Any help wpuld be brilliant but I understand if you dont get the chance. Goodluck and thanks for your blog, it is funny!

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