More Green Thumbs Than Silver Sticks

It’s too darned hot (upper 90’s) and I haven’t done any knitting since Sunday. 😦 This is particularly rotten because I only have one sleeve and the collar/front bands to complete my Featherweight Cardigan.

Oh, goody! A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect.  I think I’ll just post this video and come back another day.

Happy viewing!

2 thoughts on “More Green Thumbs Than Silver Sticks

  1. It is coming along so nicely and everything looks very green and healthy!! I have garlic, well my neighbour and I bought some and it is still growing. On her side away from Gilly!! It must be hard to be up so early to water etc before it gets hot. Lovely tour!! Hope it is cool enough to knit soon.

  2. thanks for the tour – looks like the garden is off to a great start! I’ve been fortunate to find a lot of air conditioning (and even a few ocean breezes) for knitting this past week – it is way too hot way too early this year for sure!!

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