Ten on Tuesday – Salad

Still playing it loose, here are

10 (or so) Things To Put In A Salad (not all at once but pretty darned close)

aka Now I want SALAD!

1. Lettuces. I like a mix of Iceberg & Romaine, tho I hate when I get white spines disguised as lettuce.

2. Broccoli

3. Cauliflower

4. Pickled beets

5. Whole kernel corn

6. Cherry tomatoes, halved

7. Cucumbers

8. Shredded slaw veggies. Either broccoli slaw mix or traditional slaw mix.

9. Craisins

10. Seeds. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, toasted sesame seeds.

11. Mandarin sections

12. Shredded carrots

13. Diced hard-boiled eggs

14. Chicken chunks

15. Albacore tuna, packed in water

16. Feta cheese

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – Salad

  1. White spines….I hate em’. Never met another person who understood that. LOL

    Some of your other options are scary. What about the naughty stuff. Like bacon. Or shredded cheeze. Croutons.

    Great. Now I want a salad. 🙂

  2. a great list! this is why I could eat salad every day and not feel like I’m eating the same thing at all – especially if I have crunchy seeds and feta cheese!

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