Before and After -Garden Version

There’s progress going on. It’s not fast but each garden bed that’s been newly weeded, with fresh soil, gives me hope. Tom gets all the credit for this.



And after

Now you know where some of Friday’s plants are going.

The plants I bought were:
Cherry tomatoes (2)
Green, red & yellow peppers (2 each)
Sweet basil (4 plants)
A dozen Cosmos

I need to find more, and different, cherry tomatoes. Not sure what else I’ll put out there but I’m sure I’m not going to use more than 5 beds, out of the nine, this year and one of those beds has the garlic plants.

One of my Summer goals is to clean up the garage. The shelves that I use to start seeds has been taken up with my Mom’s knitting needles and various other Mom things. I just don’t know where to put some (most) of it but it’s time to get back on track.

Next year I want to grow corn, okra, cucumbers & zucchini, along with the great things I can start from seed.

What’s in your garden?

2 thoughts on “Before and After -Garden Version

  1. Weeds, mostly, and things that growl like billio for no good reason. I have a kiwi fruit vine though the fruit is small.
    I love your garden beads and I remember all the fantastic things you grew last year!!

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