This Just In…

and it was good!

For those that missed the tweet, we went to Billy’s Downtown Diner for breakfast. It only took us 3 months to finally get there.

I had the TexMex Omelette** – (from the menu)

Made with our own chili con carne, cheddar and pepper jack cheese, sour cream and scallions

He had the Cannoli Pancake – (from the menu)

chocolate chip pancake + creamy cannoli filling+ fresh strawberries+whipped cream = HAPPY

And while he went to check to see if he locked his car doors (I tweeted that he left to check the meter…it made for a shorter tweet), I swiped some strawberries.

Granted, there wasn’t much left when he walked away but I consider a Strawberry Theft a WIN!

**For those worrying about my calorie intake, I ordered a 2 egg omelette instead of 3. I didn’t eat all of the toast and he helped me out by eating the last few bites. He took one for the team.

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