Got Dirt?

The birds are singing.

The bees are buzzing.

That one is extra true because right now there are boxes on our front bench (Amazon and Zappo’s) that I can’t bring in because a bunch of these are guarding them.

It doesn’t stop me from gazing out the door, waiting for the exterminator.*

Yesterday was one of the rare days without rain and Tom and I couldn’t resist wandering into the veggie garden to check out the garlic I’d planted last Fall. (If you don’t want to hear music, hit the MUTE button now.)

*I hate killing bees. They’re so important to our ecosystem.  I’m a gardener and there’d be no veggies without them. The bees…they’re not listening to me as I try to direct them to my backyard.

BEE UPDATE: Exterminator showed up, handed me the boxes (what a great service!) and found the bees. He said yellow jackets had laid eggs in the screw holes under our front bench, covered them over with mud and are now protecting them. Well, I have to protect my ZAPPO’s too, bees.Nyah Nyah.

Yes, I’m happy that they’re not honey bees.

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