April 1

Ah, Mother Nature.  Just when I was getting all excited by the signs of Spring

Garlic shoot

she goes and does this


YouTube got in on the day with this

and Gmail Motion…well, that’s no joke!

Wes has decided on the correct course of action, until the sun comes out.

4 thoughts on “April 1

  1. I tried really hard to keep all the snow in Cleveland, but I see some drifted your way anyway. Wes is smart!

  2. The weather is very strange, but you are right, the snow is pretty. I’m growing garlic by proxy!! My neighbour is tending to it at her house as I am the Kiss of Death to all plants!!
    That Google motion is very funny!! How do they keep a straight face??
    As usual, Wes has the right idea!!

  3. I drove all over the place for work in the snow and Spri-nter (Spring / Winter) mix on Wednesday in Columbus, Springfield, Yellow Springs, Xenia, and home. I was surprised to see it still on the ground when I headed back to Columbus on Thursday.

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