What Does It Mean?

This article talks about skills that our parent’s had, that we don’t.

I can do 7 out of the 8 – what does that say about me? (The only one that I don’t do is the soap making.  I’ve made soap but it was a while ago.)

I heard that schools want to stop teaching cursive writing and I’m all for no cursing in schools. (It’s a joke)

How many skills do you have?

9 thoughts on “What Does It Mean?

  1. ha! glad you found something to blog about 🙂

    personally, I have cooking from scratch, mending and – if I’m forced to – cursive writing. and my husband makes up the rest, except for soapmaking, which of course we don’t do either. and I know my parents didn’t either. I think the list is flawed! growing food, for example? or catching your dinner? 🙂

  2. Eight out of eight! Well, if you count that I *can* do all these things, I’ve *done* all these things, but I tend to pay someone else to do a lot of these things.

    I do feel very grown up or something.

  3. Soapmaking is something I don’t do. But the rest, pretty much. We learned Cord Cursive, but the new handwriting (circa 1984!!) is actually much more legible and can be writing far more quickly. Life is so busy these days, but since I have lots of time on my hands I can fil it up with olden days skills!!!

  4. I’m proud to say I can sharpen a knife. And shine a pair of shoes like nobody’s business. Learned at my Daddy’s knee.

  5. 6 of 8 for me.

    I’ve tried sharpening a knife, but made it more dull. It’s on my list of things to learn how to do.

    I’ve never made soap, but think it would be fun if I didn’t have so many other fun things to do. I always buy home made soap when I see it. Olive oil or goat milk are my favorites.

  6. No, Miss Smartie — Daddy was never cut NOR impaled. Mainly, we sharpened pocket knives for whittling.

  7. Soap making and driving a stick are the two I don’t do. And quite frankly, my mother never drove a stick and soap making was not high on her skills either. Maybe they meant our *grandparents*?

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