I hate:

  1. Not being caught up on reading everyone’s blogs
  2. Not having anything going on, to post on my blog
  3. Not having photos for Wordless Wednesday
  4. Not having any moments for “This Moment” Friday
  5. Not knowing what to cook for dinner
  6. Feeling like garbage for 2 weeks, with a doctor’s appointment thrown in the middle of it – it’s not Strep, big whoop
  7. Getting to bed late last night, which made me get up late today
  8. That made me too late to get into the doctor for a “sick” visit (aren’t they ALL “sick” visits?), which means I can’t get in there until Monday.
  9. This means it’ll be a rotten weekend of MORE coughing like a seal, wheezing, sore throats and generally feeling like ick.
  10. Being able to have TEN things that I can bitch about, without having to include my Dad in any of them.

Aren’t ya glad I popped in?

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