Ten On Tuesday – Bedside

Ten things on my bedside table…

except we don’t have bedside tables. We have a honking, huge headboard that Tom built – he built the base for the waterbed, too. The headboard is about 7″ deep with a cubby-hole kind of deal.

  1. The TV remote. It’s right above my head because I’m the Queen of the Remotes.
  2. The plug for my iPhone. I don’t complain about having to charge my phone all the time because of this plug.  Got to bed. Plug in phone.  Easy peasy.
  3. A tube of Eucerin Calming Cream. After going thru many different types of hand cream, this one is the winner, for me.
  4. A mondo-huge size tube of Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. Yup.  I’m a 16-year old.
  5. 2 boxes of tissues.  His and Hers.
  6. An iHome clock/radio/iPod player.  I’m such a light sleeper that I prefer to wake up to an audiobook, rather than music. The sound gradually escalates but I rarely get thru more than 8 words before I’ve shut it off.
  7. The remote for the iHome.  Also closer to my side.  See #1.
  8. The wrist strap for my FitBit. You wear it at night so you can record your sleep patterns.
  9. Nu, the stuffed triceratops that Tom got me as a wedding present.  I used to sleep with her but she started to get a bit worn. Now she keeps my tissue box in check.
  10. Edgar Allen Hippo. He’s a Boynton stuffed animal. Tom used to take him, when he’d go off to do his holiday baking.  Edgar is a great mascot and seldom dipped his toes into the cheesecake batter.
  11. Does dust count?

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2 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday – Bedside

  1. Dust!! You are the queen of remotes!! ON my table I have a radio, as I don;t sleep well, so amidst all the tossing and turning when I am trying to sleep, I can listen to the radio to distract my mind. I also have a cup of tea (cold usually!!) some Vicks Vapour Rub and some lip ointment. I don’t have any remotes at all!!!
    Does dog hair count????

  2. great list! and I think the only one I saw without any books…I guess the iHome audiobooks thing sort of counts for that, though, especially since you wake up to words!

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