The Rules of Wes

Wes is a cat that doesn’t like to walk or sleep on the couch or chairs.

He likes to sleep on my lap but ONLY when I’m in my chair – he’s a strange cat and he WILL NOT go on our couch. He doesn’t even like to step on the Slanket when he’s on his way to my lap. When Wes want’s “lap”, you darned well better not have anything on there – knitting included.

I brought home a friend’s vest, so I could make a pattern from it.  I knew it would be safe if I put it on my chair, since Wes only climbs there when he’s heading towards a lap. I left it there, neatly folded.

He’s relaxed his high standards, lately.



6 thoughts on “The Rules of Wes

  1. Ah, Wes. Keeping the mystery alive.
    Is the vest made of a particularly Wes-attracting fiber per chance? I only ask because our cat leaves all my yarn alone – except for alpaca. Alpace he’s crazy about. Maybe Wes has a similar obsession?

  2. I think Wes has pretty much got the Outsiders’ smell off that vest!! They are just contrary, aren’t they?? And cute!!

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