Think Sun

Yup. Another video.

Tom had a set-back with his eye. He had some sort of reaction to the drops and his eye swelled, along with the lid, causing eye pain and a horrible headache.  The doc said his cornea was ulcerated because the swelling stopped his eye from tearing. He looked like he was a prize fighter, just before they slit the lid.

With that wonderful thought in your head, here’s my Tuesday video!

Don’t worry, it’s not Tom’s eye.

4 thoughts on “Think Sun

  1. Wow. Treacherous. Hope you can all stay in for a while.

    Can’t believe the trouble Tom’s having with his eye — hoping, hoping it clears up soon. Please give him my best.

  2. What a way to ruin some perfectly lovely snow. Stupid ice. Stay safe & warm! Hugs to poor Tom.

  3. warm wishes to you both! it was 60 degrees and sunny today in florida…I (almost!!) felt guilty for enjoying it!

  4. I thought you has special effect glass, but it’s ice!! Wow, I have never heard rain on snow, and it looks exactly like an ice skating rink. Hope your toes warm up soon, and Tom gets a bit of good luck health!!

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