This week, Tom has been busy being:

  • Driver Guy – for the usual trip to my Dad’s
  • Cold Guy – because having a cold two weeks ago just wasn’t enough
  • Bloody Nose Guy – which involved a trip to the ER, where he made the exam room look like a crime scene.

and now he’s also

  • Pink-Eye Guy – wherein I had to call the emergency eye doc number, since Tom works weekends and Monday is a holiday. I think he got the pink-eye at the ER. Now I don’t feel bad about all of the blood spatters that he left there.

Yes, I took a picture of him but promised I wouldn’t blog it. Some people are squeamish and I need all 3 of my readers to stay here.

I found a great feature on my Flip Video software, so you’re going to be seeing more “movies”.

Here’s your Saturday Matinee.

*For those not in the know, NAYY means No Affiliation Yada Yada.

5 thoughts on “NAYY*

  1. It’s me, Goo — you’re not trying to spare Your Readers from The Yuck, are you? It’s Tom and his vanity, begging you not to blog the photo. Am I right?

  2. Tom is a blog whore (LOL) but I said “I’m not going to blog this” and then I snapped it. Gotta stand by my word…this time.

  3. Poor Tom, is pink eye conjunctivitis??? Sounds like he is really in the wars. Nice skins. My phone can’t have a skin, but I have a Fringe persona on the Firefox for my computer when I look at the screen.
    Nice to hear your lovely voice!!!

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