Can Can

When I was young, I don’t remember my Mom doing Spring Cleaning.  There was cleaning, but not the “shake out the rugs, change the curtains, rotate the clothes” type of thing.

We moved into this house 10 years ago and I’ve done my share of clearing out kitchen cabinets.  Going thru the thousands dozens of mugs that we own, so I can rotate them and remember all of the places that we bought them is an annual thing…mostly. I also go thru the other food cabinets because, frankly, we don’t have enough space and the shelves are too narrow and most of them aren’t high enough for a bottle of pancake syrup. So I wander thru and toss things and re-organize.

I blame the deep cabinets.  How often does anyone go digging into the back of those? There could be small nations back there, peacefully existing on outdated pasta and jello.

Yesterday, I was trying to clear off the kitchen counter – which still had things from Tom’s great holiday baking episode – and opened a cabinet to see this.

Don’t bother wasting your time counting them.  There are sixteen can of albacore tuna.  SIXTEEN. I suspect they came from too many trips to Sam’s Club, without a shopping list. Four of them were past their…ahem…prime.

You might also see a box of golden raisins. What you don’t see are the other three boxes…of golden raisins. I can’t remember what I might have been making that required them, let alone 4 boxes of them.

This started a scavenger hunt type of expedition. I found a box of Carnation Dry Milk packets.

This one I know.

I was planning on making bread in my bread machine.  The only problem is that I haven’t made bread in about six years. There’s a code on the bottom of the box but there’s no “Sell By” date or “Best By” date.  It was sheer morbid curiousity that made me call Nestle to ask them when this product had quietly expired.  The gentleman asked for the code.  Then he asked if there were any other number or letters.  Then he put me on hold.  I was already laughing and saying that I knew it wasn’t any good but I had to know the expiration date.  The poor guy told me that he couldn’t help me because he couldn’t find the number in his system and they had changed the codes in 2004.

I’ll let that sink in for a bit. I know you’re impressed.

Now I can tell you that, on the top shelf of that same cabinet, I found a can of Light Cream of Mushroom Soup with a date of December…1997.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.

5 thoughts on “Can Can

  1. OMG 1997 beats anything I’ve found lately.
    The first time I decided to go through our pantry it was downright frightening. I found a lot of things with just codes and no date, packaging that was no longer being used. It was crazy. Now I regularly check dates and hope all that damn condensed soup expires.

  2. VERY funny. And maybe those raisins were for that “22 mins/330 degrees” recipe you came across earlier?

  3. Yes, anything without a Use By date is definitely too old to use!! I love your default shopping list: tuna and raisins!!

  4. I moved into this house 25 years ago. thankfully we’ve re-done the kitchen twice and the last time was in 2005 (and we redid the floors and the cabinets so everything got emptied out). but the upstairs closets? those have 25 years of whatever the non-kitchen equivalent of can-can is… and I can’t even bring myself to look under the guest room bed. I think it was very brave of you to keep looking 🙂

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