Ten On Tuesday – Things

This is my first Ten On Tuesday.  Be gentle, with the comments.


Ten Things You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without

(and people don’t count as things)

In no particular order:

1. Our heated waterbed – I’ve had problems with my hips since I was 17. The wonderful heat and “give” means not having to roll over constantly.

2. My iPhone – If I could, I’d have it surgically attached to my wrist.

3. The propane log fireplace – This baby is saving us big bucks on electricity over the Winter.  Where I was always putting on more layers, now I can sit in the den and turn those logs on.  Ahhhhh!

4. My vegetable garden – I start planning in January, which seeds I’ll buy. Spring/Summer are all about the veggies growing and Fall is for using everything until there’s nothing left. (Sometimes we fail at the Fall clean-up but the birds appreciate that.)

5. My yarn room – A whole bedroom just for my stash. It’s kinda messy but, MAN, I love that room.

6. Our TiVo’s – We have three and I NEED them all.  Really.

7. My laptop(s) – Hellooooo interwebs!

8. The heated birdbaths in our yard – I love watching birds and I especially love watching them flock to the baths when it’s a clear Winter day.

9. My Kindle – So many books.  So little room for bookshelves.

10. My sense of humor – Not everyone “gets” it because I’m sarcastic and quick. There’s black humor in there, too. I’ve known people with no sense of humor and it’s just not something I could do without. It’s helped me thru the last 19 months, with my Dad. Nope. Not giving that up.

11. (because my lists go to 11) – My bedroom ceiling fan.  When you have a heated waterbed, you need to have a breeze to counter-act.  Especially when a hot flash hits!

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4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday – Things

  1. So many of these in common. If you could just add Dr Pepper to your list…it would be perfect. 🙂

  2. I have three DVRs and I need all of them too!!! I have never slept on a water bed, does it slosh??

  3. great list! love the gardening and the birds (and that you document about them on your blog so I can enjoy them too)…and I definitely appreciate your sense of humor!!

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