Knitters Are Soothing

It’s Monday and that means knitting.

While Susan recuperates from a ruptured appendix (some people will do anything to get out of knitting – heal fast, Susan!), Jane and I went over to Barnes & Noble. There are only four comfy chairs and we laid claim to three. Kate (Knitsophrenic on Twitter) showed up and we got our knit on.

While we were chatting, a man came over to sit in the fourth chair. Usually, no one stays in the extra chair for long because we knitters are kind of chatty. I asked him if he brought his knitting and he gave that “Are you talkin’ to me?” look. This brought my mind all the way to thoughts of “bad knitting gangs” and “Customers Harrassed By Knitters” headlines.

Poor guy.

I guess we toned it down a bit because before long, he was flat out snoring.

He has no idea how close he came to being yarn bombed.


I really liked my last theme but the links weren’t showing up with much contrast.  Sorry for the quick change.

4 thoughts on “Knitters Are Soothing

  1. soothing indeed! it puts my dog and husband to sleep quickly, too! love that your B&N has a place for you to knit. there aren’t nearly enough comfy chairs at mine…and I’ve never seen one empty!

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