Ten On Tuesday – Movies

“Name 10 movies you’d like to see in the theater”.

I go to the movies for pure entertainment.  I don’t go to see movies that make me cry*, pull at my heartstrings or make me more depressed when I leave than I was when I arrived. I’m all about Action, Mystery, Musicals and Comedy.  Make a note of that.

Also, we hardly ever get to the movies.  Tom and I always say “Add that to the list” but there’s no list and we’re lucky if we get there twice a year. This year’s movie was “The Sourcerer’s Apprentice”, for Tom’s birthday.

  1. Megamind – Will Ferrell!
  2. Red – Helen Mirren…love her
  3. All of the Lord of the Ring movies – I’m counting them as one.  Hurray!
  4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – Haven’t missed one, yet.
  5. Skyline – Even tho I know how awful current thriller’s are, I’m always hopeful.
  6. Victor/Victoria – I know all the songs. Nuff said.
  7. Ten Commandments – It came out in 1956 but I remember seeing it in the theater.
  8. Clash of the Titans – I really liked the original (give me a break, I was 21). Maybe this is good, too?
  9. Alice in Wonderland – Depp. Brilliant.
  10. Inception – I love a movie with twists, turns and twist-backs.

OK. Gotta run. I’m spending

*It took me 3 years to see “The Notebook”. LOVE. IT.

4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday – Movies

  1. All I’ve heard anyone say about “RED” has had to do with Dame Mirren. She must be something in it.

    Where’d you get the “handwriting” font at the bottom?

  2. Red seems to be THE movie to see (at least based on the lists I’ve seen today and discounting Harry Potter because of course we’re going to see that). The girls saw Inception and Santa is bringing us the DVD to watch on Christmas Day. I’m kind of freaked out about that, but by then I’ll be knitting for me and I’m sure it can’t really be that scary, right?

  3. We have a list too…but lately its the Netflix list rather than an actual make it to the theater list.

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