You Should Know…

The time-stamped lines are from Twitter – a great way to vent in real time.

I’ll flesh it out a bit for you.

Last night, we ate at the barf-ay buffet in the casino. The food is sub-par and the desserts…even I won’t eat the desserts tho I always try one, with high hopes. I usually wait about an hour after dinner and then I head to the “fine dining” restaurant and buy two desserts to bring back to the room. Yes.  Both desserts are for me. This is what happens when I have no Starbuck’s nearby, for a dessert mocha.

7:54pm: Getting “second dessert” to bring to room. 😀 Now I haz a happy!!

If only I had known.

I ordered and paid for their “Elegant Chocolate Cake” (truffle cake) and Banana’s Foster.

8:14pm: It’s freaking dessert. TO GO! Why does it take 20 minutes?!?

8:17pm: Oh. It took 20 minutes before a waitress came to the bar, to get my order from bartender. STILL NOT OK!

The last time I did this dessert trek, the bartender took the order back to the kitchen.  This time, it was a substitute bartender.  Thank goodness the “first string” came back on duty.

8:28pm: Then she brought it to bar & tried to serve it to people sitting there. Now I wait for her to wrap it.

Obviously, no one asks for anything To Go. They put the Banana’s Foster into a coffee cup with a lid. When I asked if there were utensils in the bag, they told me to go to the “diner” restaurant (also in the casino). The bartender must have read my face – or seen the steam coming out of my ears. He handed me silverware from the bar.

FYI – Banana’s Foster To Go = Melted ice cream with caramelized banana slices in the bottom of the cup. Not a wise choice.

8:35pm: And in conclusion, don’t come between me and my dessert!

I drank the Foster and ate a sliver of the chocolate cake.  Sandy had a smaller sliver. Tomorrow, we’ll have truffle cake for dessert.  Again, I haz a happy.

2 thoughts on “You Should Know…

  1. I’ve always said that a hotel without room service is like camping out. and now it seems that a hotel also needs a starbucks to be top-rate. hope you enjoyed truffle cake for b’fast! (and am I slow to notice, or did you just change up the blog design? I like it!)

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