Someone Get On It

Dad: “I need a covered pan.”

Me: “Another one?”

D: “No.”

M: “You mean a frying pan?”

D: “Yes.”

M: “OK.  I’ll get you one. What size? 10-inch?”

D: “Yes. But it has to be a Farkle* Green pan.”

M: Heavy sigh. “You saw it on TV?”

D: “Yes.”

This conversation has been repeated at least 4 times in the last year. Dad watches so much TV that he can’t help but get sucked into those damned infomercials and no amount of convincing will have him just change the channel.

He will now obsess over this Farkle* Green pan for the next 2 months, making me insane, until I become a weeping mass of a woman and Tom will have to blot me off the floor.

Also? Dad never gets the name right. So when I finally give in, I can’t find the freaking Farkle*, anyway.

He has driven me crazy over some amazing ceramic cooking knife -which by the way is AWESOME, as long as you don’t buy the TV one.  I had to get 2, so I’d have one.

If someone could come up with a TV “Infomercial Block”, like the child block, I’m thinking that they’d make a million.  I, for one, would pay to stop those phone calls.

Here’s the ground work so someone can pick up from this point:

Work it so that when these ads come on – not the 2-minute commercial type but the half-hour, screaming you into submission type – the screen will go black for a second and then soothing music and beautiful scenery will either make you change the channel or lower your blood pressure for a while.  Kind of like that scene in “Soylent Green”…which I saw…in the movies…because I’m that kinda old.

Millions, I say.

*Farkle really isn’t the name of the pan but I used to watch “Laugh-In”, too.


6 thoughts on “Someone Get On It

  1. You are too funny.

    What, exactly, does Tom use to blot you off the floor? We could probably make a mint with it. Do one of those TV things. . . Someone get on this!

  2. I firmly believe that if I won tattslotto I would buy all those things. I don’t want to watch the long infomercials, but those things: they are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not in real life I expect.

  3. My one and only ceramic knife is my absolute ‘go to’ knife for everything (and I’ve got lots of knives). As for the pan…good luck.

  4. ROFL! Market this idea and make millions but don’t forget us little people. 😛 Thanks for the laugh. I needed one. 🙂

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