Imaginary Rhinebeck

On Friday, negotiations went deep into the night.  It was decided that my knee wasn’t well enough to walk around and ogle yarn for 7 hours (this was doubly true because the tape had come off by Saturday morning), and that Jane didn’t like the wind and cold.  The bus trip was forfeited and, instead, we went to Imaginary Rhinebeck.

We met at Panera’s, for breakfast, with the intention that we’d head to Barnes and Noble and knit for a while.  Instead, being in a festival mood, our plans changed.

It was too early for visiting Conversational Threads, the store that was hosting the bus trip, so we went to wander doo-dad heaven at Pier One. Frivolous purchases were made and much laughing was enjoyed.

We hopped into the “bus”, my car, and zipped on down the road.  This gave me a chance to try out my GPS.  She doesn’t have an Aussie accent but she’s polite and I named her Buffy.  What else could I call her when my car is named Spike? (Yes, yes.  You might argue that Drusilla or Tiffany would work, but I chose Buffy.  You get a new car and name it Spike and you can call your GPS whatever you’d like.)

Our baskets were full, mostly with Malabrigo.

I ended up with


Snow Bird


This skein of Blue Heron yarn.  It’s silk and silver (see the sparkly silver threads?) in the Chesapeake colorway.

I also bought this cute, felted, zippered purse.

We were very good with our purchases but don’t think that we deprived ourselves.  We’re headed to Stitches East in a week and that’s where we’re going to have problems packing the car.

We went to Cosi, for lunch. At this time, Jane announced that she really like Imaginary Rhinebeck and that we should go again next year.

I got home around 2 after a quick stop at Starbucks and texted Tom that I was still in “Rhinebeck” and wouldn’t be home until around 9.  I went up to my yarn room (the lamp in our flat screen blew, 10 minutes after I sat down in the den), sat on the futon and watched TV and knit for the rest of the night.

I also bought a few patterns that I had seen in the store. Ulmus, Ishbel and Just Enough Ruffles are tucked into my PDF files.  I’ve seen these patterns online and thought they were nice but really liked them, in person.

Sunday, I decided I needed more “Rhinebeck” and started on the Ishbel, using the Silk and Silver yarn.

I really need to have more knitting weekends.

6 thoughts on “Imaginary Rhinebeck

  1. I love your ability to make the best of a situation. I can NOT believe you missed the Real Rhinebeck again, but your new yarn is gorgeous and makes up for it. You’re awsome, and I hope your knee gets all better in time for Stitches East.

  2. Oh, Audrey! If by “ability to make the best of a situation” means I whine until my lower jaw falls off, then YES! I am Miss Positive. LOL!!

  3. I fear you may be underwhelmed by real Rhinebeck when you finally get there. Imaginary Rhinebeck looks pretty awesome, all things considered.

  4. Imaginary Rhnebeck looks like it was fun, and I am glad you were able to enjoy yourself in spie of your leg!!
    Nice sparkly silk Ishbel too!!
    Was your previous GPS voice Australian?????

  5. I think imaginary rhinebeck looks like great fun – less driving, fewer people, beautiful yarn/food/time with friends and knitting. Hope you get to Real Stitches East next weekend and have a ball!

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