It’s NOT A Twist To The Right

Wednesday Zumba class was mostly fun.  I only missed 3 songs while I sat on the floor and cried. Then, I rolled the knee pain away and was able to finish the rest of the class*.

Thursday, I bowled 2 games and then the pain hit, again.  I did a mostly one-legged hop to my car and drove to my chiropractor appointment, where I learned about about my IT Band (Iliotibial Band).  It’s not as sexy as it sounds but it is twice as painful as you can imagine.

(Oh, yeah.  I’m just a font of IT knowledge, now.)

She taped me up and told me to leave the tape on for a week.

I was able to walk out of there and that made me feel good because of Rhinebeck on Saturday.

When I woke up this morning, the middle of my “blue seagull” had lifted off – this is heat activated tape, mind you – and I was in a mild panic.  I raced over to the chiro’s office (closed on Friday’s) and caught her leaving the Friday Zumba class.  Doc Rimbey is the sweetest person and she re-taped me, making me look even more cool than I did, before. (It’s my story and if I say I look cool, then I look cool!)

Perhaps a bit overdone with the reinforcing patches but, still, I can walk.


Victory is mine!***


*This simple rolling technique will also make you cry.  Be forewarned.

**The Rhinebeck Curse has prevented me from getting there for, at least, 6 years.  I have made plans every year. My Mom would drive here or I’d have a group ready to go and it always fell thru.  Tomorrow I’m going with Jane on a local yarn store bus trip.  I think I’ve conquered it!

***The picture tube on our flat screen just blew.  That’ll teach me to have Premature Victorious Dancing (PVD).

6 thoughts on “It’s NOT A Twist To The Right

  1. sending lots of strong, healing thoughts your way – because you can’t possibly succumb to the curse for another year!! you must be at rhinebeck on saturday (repeat MUST!)

  2. Good grief! (Actually, not good at all.) I hope your leg gets better quickly. It’s decor is so lovely, it must have excellent healing powers. Have a great time at Rhinebeck!

  3. Ouchie, but the good news is now you look like an Olympian! Have fun…dont buy too much yarn (right-heh)

  4. Wes kiss and make better… 🙂

    It’s very much a work of art. I love what you did with the little hairs in the knee area. LOL

    Get better… hugs!

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