Tweet Catch-Up

Catching you up on the goings on, by dropping in some of my tweets from the week.

  • Finished button bands on my CPH. My least favorite – sewing in sleeves – is next. 😦
  • This whole week has been flipped on its head. Send dark chocolate.
  • We keep getting phone calls from “Hilton”. When I answer, they hang up. What’s the deal, Paris? Sheesh!
  • TiVo cut off end of Glee. What did we miss after Rachel sang?!?
  • Stitch markers for gift baskets – done!

  • Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes as planned. Knit, shop, hair, NEW CAR!!!
  • Day still confused. Met Jane to knit got no knitting done. Hair appt. is next and, frankly, I’m concerned.
  • Dear Weather – Seriously? U couldn’t give me one hour to figure out the shifter in my new car before the torrential rain? Thanx 4 nothing.

Meet Spike 2.0. He’s a Mazda 3 Grand Touring 5-door.

  • Dear Headache – You and the weather can bite me.
  • Tried eye make-up, again. New hair color *required* it. Now my eyes are all gloppy & red. Damn. There goes Friday.

  • Expensive pair of jeans claims 2 shrink my gut & lift my ass. Credit limit shrunk/blood pressure lifted. Mothers are going back!
  • All the muscles in my lower back have seized up. Garlic Festival is off the menu. Zumba can hurt, people!
  • Hobble, Snatch (& pay) and Run. Garlic acquired!

Tom drove me to town square, I crept the 2 blocks (they block off the area), bought the garlic and called him to come and get me. Total time for escapade – 30 minutes. This garlic is for planting in my garden. Turkish Red & Music. Garlic is supposed to be planted on Columbus Day and harvested on July 4th. I’m a font of information!

Then I went back to have hair toned down.

That’s all I could manage for today (Saturday). Now I’m sitting in my chair and waiting for the Aleve to work.

ADDED SUNDAY: Just realized the pictures of my hair look like a long-haired dog…or the foot stool from “Beauty and The Beast”.  I need to work on my iPhone self-portraits. Woof!

6 thoughts on “Tweet Catch-Up

  1. Nice, hair(s), nice car, nice stitch markers, lovely garlic.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, back muscles are horrid when they seize up. I know!!!

  2. red hair is so hard to maintain, isn’t it? I hate it when my back goes down like that. Hope you feel better-@knittytwoshoes

  3. Like the hair, like the car, and digging the new blog theme. Not a bad week — at least from here!

  4. Wow, iot looks like I missed a lot! Congrats on the car, boo on the back, love both hair colors!

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