One Sleeve

I’m still working on the yarn room and there’s no way I can take a picture of the whole shebang.

Here’s a tease.

A single sleeve that I started, probably, 4 years ago.  Who can guess what it was supposed to be?  Maybe there will be a prize!

You realize I’ll have to frog this poor sleeve because I have no idea where in the pattern I had stopped.

Don’t cry.  It’s better this way.  I’ll start fresh and it will all work out.

4 thoughts on “One Sleeve

  1. that looks like a lot of knitting and it would be a shame to rip it out – I’d be happy to help you figure out where you are in the pattern! (or if you’re really looking forward to ripping it, you can just delete this comment 🙂

  2. Yes, sometimes you have to sacrifice the Sleeve in order for a new cardigan or jumper to rise, phoenix like, from the frogging!!

  3. Thought it looked Chicknits’ish. But I was wrong. I’m more mesmerized by the mysterious footies in the background!

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