Let’s Knit

I’m doing a Happy Dance.

Knit Circus – a wonderful, independent on-line knitting magazine – chose my stitch markers as one of the Editor’s Picks, in their Special Gifts Issue.


And now, on to the actual post.


At this point, Jane should know what it means when I ask her if she wants to knit on any day but Monday. And sometimes even on Knit Group Monday.

The invite yesterday was to meet at B&N, drive to my allergist so I could get my shots (this gives us 30 minutes of knitting time, while I wait for them to check if my arms have blown up) and then go back to B&N and knit.

The actuality was meeting at B&N and going to the allergist.  Any relation to the above itinerary ends there.

We sat and talked the whole 30 minutes and, yes, we brought our knitting with us. Then, we went to Panera and had – for me – second breakfast. After that, I thought we could do with a bit of walking so we went to Target.

I had another reason for the Target trip.  The yarn room isn’t sorting itself and I’ve only managed to list 8 yarn items*, out of approx. 30, on eBay. I need more cubes.  Or drawers. Or shelves. Or a spritely elf that will work at night and not tease the cat.

We logged in almost a mile of walking and I did find some drawers…and frames.

I wonder how long it’s going to take the elf to put them together.

*I also put up a Kindle 2, a 1st gen iTouch and a Jawbone Aliph, if anyone is interested.

eBay name: ibmoo

6 thoughts on “Let’s Knit

  1. How exciting, they look so lovely on the page too!!!
    I think all knitters need one of those walls that is all little square storage places, like a built in book case, but for wool!!!

  2. How fantastic that your markers are featured in Knit Circus! Their photo shows off their beauty very nicely.

  3. Congrats on the markers (how did I manage to read this the day after I bought a nook?)

  4. congratulations on the knit circus mention!! if those elves do make an appearance at your house, could you send them my way when they’re done? (I promise I’ll do the same if I see them!)

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