Sunday On The Floor

Jane came over yesterday, to help me try to get my yarn room under control.

She spent 5 hours frogging this scarf.

The frogging was because I only have one skein of the cashmere and had run out, with only 18″ knit.

The 5 hours was because I was using two strands of yarn…from both ends of the ball. The ripping of rows was easy but having to have 2 piles of laceweight *not* get tangled as you rip…a whole different ballgame. (HA HA!  BALLgame.  Get it?) There’s no “end” of yarn to wind up…until there’s a knot – snap! of broken yarn – and then there’s still the other strand to contend with.  The cashmere looked like a little pile of purple, Shirley Temple hair. I didn’t lose much yarn but now I have a ball of beautiful, purple cashmere with about 6 tied-end knots.

Now I know that Jane not only can wind many cakes of yarn without stopping but she has infinite patience to frog a PITA project.  Laughter and conversation can get you thru a lot. Also, the threat of not letting her out of the room until she was done, no bathroom breaks and telling her I wouldn’t even come in to dust her, if it took her too long.

I’m back on the floor today, staring at piles of “Mine, all mine”, “Have to eBay or else”, “No ball bands and partial skeins”, “Work(s) in progress”, “Boy I have a lot of knitting bags”.

It’s going to go a lot slower, with Jane. 😦

This is about 1/5th of the “Mine, all mine” pile.

This is the stuff that’s been hiding in boxes, bags and the closet.  It doesn’t include the yarn that’s already tucked away in the drawers and cubes. :-O

Wes was helping, too.

Which forced me to close the door, last night.

Once I do a bit more sorting there will be pictures.

What are you doing for your Sunday?

(All pictures are pulled from my Twitter account.  Apologies to those that follow me, for the repeats. See what you’re missing by not being on Twitter?)

3 thoughts on “Sunday On The Floor

  1. I don’t know who Jane is, but I admire her dedication! Where did Wes want to be mailed to? Was he worried he’d be recruited to frog a scarf?

  2. The yarn caught my attention (Hello My name is Lu and I am a Fiber addict.. Hello Lu) but Wes in the Box.. that is so completely adorable its getting tweeted. Bravo Wes!

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