Holiday Bonus!

Happy Labor Day!

Today, you get two videos.  I took them four days apart and, if you can stand to watch them thru, there are big differences between then and now.

I was going to tell you that I have 5 zucchini on my kitchen counter, however, I went to pick one up and it exploded in my hand.  Careful examination revealed that two more were ready to sploosh (technical gardening term). Now that I only have two zucchini, I’m starting to panic.

Feast or famine.

Bonus (boredom) Video

4 thoughts on “Holiday Bonus!

  1. I was talking back to you saying-‘Oh yes, I can see the bug’ than I realised how silly I was!! 53 is 12 in our language which is a nice daily temperature here at the moment if it’s wet. We have had 15!!
    You have so many cherry tomatoes. They are the nicest I think.
    I must plant some garlic (Ha ha) we can only buy Chinese or Mexican garlic here at the moment and that’s just ridiculous.
    OK< you are officially obsessed with your zucchini bread!!!

  2. Love videos. Love em’. Your tomato plants could totally kick my tomato plants ass!!

  3. what a fabulous garden!! and a great way to document the changes! I’m amazed at what a difference 4 days can make (and seriously, after this summer, I think I’m ready to swoon, too).

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