Yeah Yeah Yeah

I know I need to write a post.  I was going to do one but…

When I export a photo onto my desktop, for uploading into WordPress, it comes out this bigand that’s not a picture…that’s a postage stamp.

My life has been pretty darned boring.

I’ve been knitting on the same project for weeks and it’s a HUGE piece of fabric because it’s a pre-felted tote bag.

It’s too hot to knit a wooly thing that sits in your lap and makes you sweat more than your pre-menopausal body needs.

My neck has really been hurting a lot.

The cat ate my homework.

I sold a few sets of stitch markers and made about a dozen sets.  Not really even but once I’m in the groove of playing with wire, I can’t stop.

I’m trying to plan a trip.

Did I mention it’s really hot?

I know I told you about the really small pictures.

I have 5, or 6…maybe 7 Scrabble games going at one time.

The cat horked up my homework.

I can pull a picture that’s already on my desktop.  One that you’ve seen before and will love to see again. (I can SEE you laughing, over there!)

Stare deeply into the cat’s eyes.

6 thoughts on “Yeah Yeah Yeah

  1. Oh that’s a great cat picture!!!
    I read that it is very hot and I hope it cools down soon. I am not looking forward to the Summer at all.
    Hope something mildly exciting happens soon!!!

  2. love the cat photo! it’s been brutally hot here, too, but appears it will “cool off” (into the mid 80-‘s!) this weekend. I can’t wait – hoping for a burst of creative energy! (and hanging out a LOT in my LYS where it’s always very cold to knit!)

  3. Try as he might, Wes can’t pull off the “chat noir” look. He’s more like “chat gentil”. I love the photo, though!

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